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    Since 1930, TOKAI KONETSU KOGYO CO., LTD. has continued the manufacture and marketing of silicon carbide resistors under the trade name of EREMA which have been well accepted in the broadcasting and electric power equipment industries.

    Through a technical collaboration with THE CARBORUNDUM COMPANY, U. S. A., we started to expand in 1961 the product range of ceramic resistors. We believe that our ceramic resistors have virtually contributed to the technical and quality improvement in various spheres of the industry including electronics, communication, electric power and radio to name a few.

    EREMA resistors, ceramic resistors sintered at high temperature, will provide a superior performance even in an extreme environment where other types of resistors cannot be used. Our resistors will be the best choice for the minimization of total device dimensions as well as firm electric protection and high reliability of circuits.

      (A) AS and ASH Types
      (B) SP Type
      (C) Direct Water Cooling Type (W)
      (D) Disk Types (ASD and ASW)
      (E) Indirect Water Cooling Type (WD)


      Sendai plant

    Major Features:
      (1) No risk of disconnection and higher reliability
      (2) Higher withstand voltage
      (3) Minimized dimensions but applicable at higher electric power
      (4) Non-induction (BF and BFH excluded)
      (5) Operative at higher temperature
      (6) Higher thermal and chemical stability
      (7) Usable in water, vapour and oil

    Attention to Usage

      2. AS and ASH Types
      3. SP Type
      4. Direct Water Cooling Type (W)
      5. Disk Types (ASD and ASW)
      6. Indirect Water Cooling Type (WD)
      7. Fixtures
      8. Resistor Assemblies
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