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    Thank you very much for your continued support.

    Since our company was established in 1936, we have made efforts to develop materials and industrial furnaces as a pioneer of fine ceramics in the area of high temperature application.

    The EREMA electric heating elements, our main product, was first produced and sold in 1947 as the first domestic silicon carbide heating elements in Japan, and have been widely accepted as high quality products with the industry抯 largest production scale. Industrial furnaces have demonstrated their excellent performances in various fields domestically and throughout the world, primarily in the information technology-related industries and energy-related industries that are currently going through rapid growth, and have garnered high acclaim. In addition, we also handle refractory materials, EREMA resistors and high temperature ceramic materials.

    In 1997, Shanghai Tokai Konetsu Co.,Ltd. was established in China where EREMA electric heating elements were produced and sold, but today they have grown to significantly contribute to our Group抯 achievements, and continues to develop as a supply base to the international market. Furthermore, Tokai Konetsu Engineering Co., Ltd. (company name changed from EREMA Sangyo Co., Ltd. in January 2011) widely handles the production of various industrial furnaces and maintenance businesses, with the industrial furnace engineering business as the core business. In 2013, Tokai Konetsu (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. was established as a supply base of industrial furnaces primarily towards the Chinese and international market.

    Tokai Carbon Group plays a pivotal role as part of the Tokai Carbon Group and will make efforts to strengthen our management base, strive to become the best partner of the fine ceramics industry using our original technologies and continue to contribute to the development of society from a global perspective, and we look forward to your continued support in the future.

    Akihiko Sato


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